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For 23 years, I've been fighting criminal charges in Toronto and throughout Ontario. Explore here the most comprehensive listing of case profiles of any Toronto defence lawyer, each showcasing the background, my strategy, and the results:

Whether you're arrested/charged, being investigated, or facing a bail hearing or an arrest warrant, call now to get my experience as a Toronto defence lawyer behind you.

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Understanding Your Case — You In The Criminal Process

Think about a train. Yes, a train. You stand on the track. Barrelling towards you is a train that is your criminal case. You see this train. You feel its vibration, its power, and you know it's headed towards you. You cannot move. You have an uneasy feeling. You may feel tension, panic, and possibly be overwhelmed. You may feel your plight is your own fault. Or, you may feel it's all unfair. You may not even know how you got there. But you know one thing. You must do something. If you don't, it'll be a disaster. What will you do?

You can look to me. Look to me to convince the conductor to stop, to take the fuel away, to sabotage the engine, to derail the train, to grease the tracks, to rip up the tracks, to move you, or to just ram that train head on! You can rely on me to do my very best to stop that train and to take you out of harm's way. That's what your criminal case is all about. That's what I'm all about.

"Now that I'm retained," I tell new clients, "your problem is now my problem. To the extent you can, shift the worry from your shoulders to mine, and walk out my door with a lighter step."