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About Me — Craig Penney, Toronto Criminal Lawyer

I graduated summa cum laude in 1988, received my M.A. in 1989, and finished Osgoode Hall Law School in 1992. From day one, I have been a Toronto criminal lawyer sole practitioner.

I devote each day to guiding, safeguarding, and championing the people that have entrusted me with their lives. I don't make false promises, and always strive to achieve the best results.

My approach is simple and straightforward. I put myself in your shoes and tackle your problem as my own. I provide education-based advice, actively listen to your needs, and help you survive this process with your sanity intact and, hopefully, a little wiser and stronger.

I am comfortable working with people from all backgrounds, and have clients from every imaginable walk of life. In addition to defending accused persons, I advise those under investigation and others in a variety of unfortunate situations.

I have always found it amazing what you can achieve through the sheer force of your own will power. I apply this guiding principle each day to every case.

Craig Penney, Toronto Defence Lawyer

About You — Why is Your Case Important?

In March 2014, I travelled with my son on a school trip to France and Belgium to visit the Great War battle sites. The western front still haunts: the silence of the soldiers known unto God, the stubborn shells still being unearthed, and the graveyard epitaphs that collectively bear witness to the slaughter and individually pay homage to the fallen. The words of Lance Crp. Pike, a fellow Newfoundlander who fell on the Somme, continue to resonate: "Be ashamed to die until you have gained some victory for humanity." We all must be grateful to the War Graves Commission for giving, where possible, a voice to each sacrifice.

That got me thinking about your case — yes, your case — because every case is different and each person is unique. The arrest and the bail process can be emasculating, sometimes leaving you feeling alone, angry, and overwhelmed. You must shake off those feelings.

Why is your case important? Your case is important because you are important. Your sense of "self" is just as strong as mine or anyone else's. You deserve to have your case examined with an eye to the consequences as they relate to you and your life. Is your charge serious? It depends on you. If you are charged with the relatively-minor offence of indecent act, for example, your circumstances may be such that your career and family may be in grave jeopardy.

As you read this, you may not be fully aware of the entire impact your matter could have upon your liberty, career, family, ability to travel, and personal life. After our first meeting, you will have a better appreciation of what you are now facing, the potential outcomes, and how I as your Toronto criminal lawyer can best help. To learn about our first meeting, click here.