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I couldn't have picked a better Toronto criminal lawyer to represent me than Craig Penney. From our first meeting through to the conclusion of my case, Mr Penney's professional guidance, advice and demeanor allowed me to leave him to manage things as he saw appropriate. I never worried that the case was progressing in a way that I was not comfortable with or that my best interests were not at the heart of everything that Mr. Penney did on my behalf. From the outset and due to his years of experience and knowledge he was able to set out for me his approach in my case and the outcomes which he expected to achieve. This went a long way to allaying my worries and concerns. It also dispelled the worst outcomes which I had envisioned and replaced them with expectations that I was comfortable in accepting. The final outcome was reached within a very short period of time and was better than even Mr Penney, perhaps, thought was achievable. I will always be grateful to Mr Penney for turning a potential life altering event into something much less eventful. Read the Court transcript where S.R.'s assault and mischief charges were stayed.

Please accept my sincere appreciation for your help and effort. I am happy and grateful with the result, so are my family. Again, thanks to you. Read why the Crown agreed to dismiss N.J.s use-fraudulent-credit-card-data charge.

Craig Penney did a wonderful job for me, immediately reducing my stress and anxiety. He is an effective, experienced lawyer who uses his considerable expertise to excellent effect. He gets results with a minimum of fuss. I felt very comfortable with the great work he did on my behalf. Read why the Crown withdrew Q.T.'s charge and why the Judge rescinded his arrest warrant.

The day I got arrested and charged with criminal charge of indecent act in a public washroom I thought my life was completely destroyed. Didn't know Craig, just found him on the internet after anxiously browsing for hours through so many criminal lawyers in Toronto. All the good testimonials and information posted on this website really helped me to make the decision to call him right away. Even though, it was a Sunday late afternoon, he answered my call. We quickly arranged a meeting for Monday and right away, after meeting Craig, I felt very confident that he was the right lawyer to represent me in my case. From the first day to the day my case was withdrawn, he kept me grounded and focused and for that I was able to make it through this nightmare. No one in my life knew about it but Craig, and later the therapist he recommended for me to see. So, I have to thank Craig for his professionalism and dedication to help me not only to resolve my situation the best way we could possibly ask for, but also for referring me to an excellent professional for counselling sessions that not only helped me with my case, but mainly helped me to reduce my anxiety and to not feel alone, which is the worse feeling during a situation like this. So I would and will recommend Craig to anyone, specifically if someone is charged with a similar offence. So thank you again Craig! A.F.
Read why his voyeurism charge was withdrawn.

I want to thank Craig for his support and for such great results during such a difficult time in my life. His presence, dedication and focus throughout the entire process left me feeling supported and reassured from our very first meeting to the last. Craig's professional guidance ultimately led to a great outcome, and I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer to help me through this experience. J.K.
Read why his voyeurism charge was withdrawn.

Having used Craig's services with regard to a serious drug charge relating to my daughter, I can highly recommend Craig to act on legal matters. His diligence and determination on my daughter's behalf were evident from the outset and ensured a successful case. S.B.'s father, Business Executive, Australia.
Read why her drug trafficking and possession charges were withdrawn.

Mr. Penney's professionalism was what attracted me in the first place. The moment I spoke to him, I knew right then and there that he was the right lawyer for my case. He was a true professional from beginning to end. He proposed a result and did exactly what he said he would do on the trial day. I was very, very happy with the result. Mr. Penney totally amazed me with the way he handled himself in Court. His confidence never once made me feel uncomfortable or intimated. Mr. Penney was behind me all the way. I would hire him again in a heartbeat. Read how S.M. avoided a conviction for criminal harrassment.

I think about what you did for me every day, and I will never forget it. You saved my life, Craig, and for that, myself and my wife are forever grateful. C.B.
Hey Craig, Words can't describe how grateful we are. Thank you so much for everything you did for us. God bless you and your family. His Spouse. Read why the Crown withdrew C.B.'s accessing pronography charge.

Craig Penney understands the legal system inside out and helped me meticulously stage manage my case from start to finish. He was direct and honest with me through out while battling on my behalf aggressively and effectively. Thank you Craig for a great job and a great result. Read why the Judge granted J.L. an absolute discharge.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your assistants for the services you have provided me and my family over the past number of months. I believe the outcome was the best that could have been expected and has brought a sense of relief to us all. Read why the Judge granted A.W. a conditional discharge.

It was a frightening experience to be arrested for child pornography charges. It was a very difficult time and I felt hopeless. My lawyer didn't relay as much information as he should have. I never knew where I stood. Then, I met Craig. He was right there in my face, intense but not in a negative way. There was an overload of information from him. I knew where I stood and could make informed decisions. He also referred me to other resources for my non-legal issues which turned out to be a great help. If you are charged with a similar offence, you have to hire someone who has experience with these charges and Craig is the only one I know. Read why the Judge granted J.M. a conditional discharge after his arrest for possessing and making available child pornography.

Hi Craig, Just wanted to again say thanks for sticking with me through all of this because the end result was much more than I could have expected. I know that when we had discussed the chances of beating an impaired the chances were very slim to none. And at times when I wasn't so upbeat about the case you kept me positive so thanks for that. I'm so glad that I took this to the end, because my life now has a much more positive outlook than it did just 24hrs ago. As I have time to reflect it seems like every decision we made led to another which actually in the end came together to help you win the case for me. Just an awesome job yesterday and my mom agreed and sends her thanks too. Its pretty hard to put in words how happy I am but I am sure you know how I feel. Anyway Craig again thank you so much for your hard work and it was great getting the chance to work with you. S.W.'s morning-after thank-you e-mail.
Read how we won his tough-to-win drinking-and-driving case.

Craig, You kept me grounded and focused and for that I was able to make it through this nightmare that is now in my past. I would and will recommend you to anyone that ever needs the strength of another with the knowledge and experience that you bring to the table. Like I said before it was not only your dedication but it was your heart that was in that court room when you stood up for me to present my case. Thank you so much. Read why the Judge acquitted M.O. of sexual interference and invitation to sexual touching.

I want to thank Craig for his dedication and especially for the great result. He really digs deep to find little details that can change the course of prosecution. He was able to work with my finances and saved me from ruining my life. He understands what you're going through and guides you to excellent resources that help not only your case but also aid you in putting your life back together. If you are charged with a similar offence, you have no choice but to hire him, as he is the foremost expert in the field. Read how S.Y. avoided a conviction when sentenced for possessing child pornography on a youth replacement information.

I'd like to thank Craig Penney. You are excellent! I feel very fortunate to have found your firm when I was in such a desperate need of legal guidance. My situation was truly unfortunate and I felt alone until I came to your office. Your professionalism and expertise gave me the assurance and security I needed to know that things were going to be all right in such a difficult time for me. I no longer felt alone nor afraid, I was confident of the situation and I felt protected. Thanks to your excellent work and extensive knowledge, I had a very quick and successful outcome with my case and I feel that I can now start over. There are no words to thank you for your hard work, dedication and such caring and compassionate support when I needed it the most and there is no doubt in my mind that you, Mr. Penney, are the BEST! I could not have done it without you. I keep very high regards for you and I will highly recommend your office to anyone who should need a legal services. Learn why S.P.'s assault charge was withdrawn.

Being a professional, a conviction of a criminal offence meant immediate disbarment from the industry and a waste of all those years of education. Suffice to say, choosing the best lawyer was the most important decision of my life. After interviewing some of the top 5-6 lawyers in GTA, Craig stood out from the pact. Most other lawyers were hoping for technical, procedural or mediation resolution to the case. Craig's method of attacking the case was to focus on things in control (i.e. evidence, experts, witness). His methodical breakdown of the case and complex defence strategies gave me the confidence that I needed in knowing that I had retained the best lawyer. The police (OPP) had done a thorough investigation and with me insulting the officers, there was no chance the Crown would ever mediate this case and on top of that, they were going to seek a higher penalty. I have never been charged with a criminal offence before, let alone in a back seat of a cruiser, so this was a very traumatic experience. But knowing Craig was on my side, made all that fear go away. Not only did Craig get the criminal charges dismissed, he also got the provincial offences dropped and I didn't even hire him for the traffic tickets. Best Christmas present ever! I would not hesitate to recommend Craig Penney to anyone, he truly is one of the most professional, hard working and trial ready lawyers out there. Go see for yourself! At the bare minimum, go for a consult with Craig , and you will see why he is the best of the best! Thank You Craig Penney, you saved my profession, livelihood and my life! Read how S.S. avoided a conviction for refuse breath sample charge with a careless driving plea.

I was scared and shocked by the time I was being charged. Not only because this will ruin my future and credibility, but also destroying my relationship with family and friends. I dare not to share with anyone else. After Mr Penney took charge of the case, he suggested me to go on a treatment to share, analyze and understand what, why and how I got into this situation with the others. With Mr Penney's care and effort, I can finally turn to a grown up and become more mature. With all those ups and downs, I will carefully guard my thoughts and stay away from trouble. Thank you Mr. Penney! Read the transcript where the Crown withdrew P.Y.'s indecent act charge.

My first impression of Craig Penney was that he was confident, experienced, and knew what he was talking about. He gave me a sense of ease at a time that was extremely stressful for me. I would recommend his services.
C.E., Oil Worker, Saudi Arabia. Read how I avoided C.E. being arrested.

I was fortunate that I hired Craig's services for my case. My first impression of him was of an honest gentleman who has confidence and experience in his profession. I had a feeling from the bottom of my heart that I was in good hands. I found him very calm and a good listener that gives immediate comfort. He takes time to review and prepare the case from all angles and presents his case forcibly but intelligently. Craig kept me informed at all stages of my case and sent me copies of case files that increased my confidence in his ability and sincerity with the client. Additionally, he is always available to the client, which is an asset at the time of anxiety and need. I had a pleasant experience in having Craig's services in the moment of distress and uncertainty. It was the result of his services, diligence, and determination that ensured a successful case. Therefore, I have no hesitation in recommending him in your time of need. I wish him good luck and success in his future endeavours. Professor K. M., West Virginia. Read how we got his perjury case thrown out.

Craig was the only person that I found that had experience in these type of cases. He was tactical in his approach that led to my acquittal. If it wasn't for him, I have no idea where my family and I would be. If you are in a rut similar to what I was in, this is your lawyer. I seriously cannot thank you enough. Read why the Judge dismissed M.S.'s child pornography charges because of unlawful searches of his computer.

Craig Penney is an immaculate professional, honest and hard-working. I have retained Craig for two traffic offences, and he's been absolutely phenomenal. Both times, he's worked every angle possible to acquit me. You will only get the truth regarding every situation with Craig; he provided me with every scenario in a humble and straightforward manner. I highly recommend Craig if you are looking for council that will work tirelessly because of genuine integrity and to achieve results for his clients, not just to make a buck. B.A., Web Manager, Toronto. Read why the Judge stayed B.A.'s charges.

Thanks, Craig, for seeing me on short notice. You hit the nail right on the head. Never have I accomplished so much by doing so little — "just say nothing" is my new mantra :) M.P., Ontario. Read why the Crown withdrew M.P.'s charges.