Toronto Drug Offence Lawyer

Drug Offence — Can we beat this?

Beyond the risk of jail, drug convictions can have significant collateral consequences. They have the potential to cripple your professional standing, hamper your travel, and even stop you from opening a business because of licencing or security clearance requirements.

Even though Canada is on the verge of legalizing marijuana, you would be very wrong to assume that law enforcement and federal prosecutors have lost their enthusiasm for drug investigations and prosecutions. The harsh reality is that illegal drug use remains a major social, economic, and law-enforcement challenge. Some drugs, such as fentanyl, are killers, as you can read about in this Globe and Mail article. If you are charged with any drug offence, you need an experienced Toronto criminal lawyer to advance your best defence and to seek top results.

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Craig Penney, Toronto Drug Offence Lawyer

Y.G.'s Case — importing khat — absolute discharge
D.P.'s Case — possession crystal meth — illegal search and arrest
C.R.'s Case — conspiracy traffic narcotic — arrest warrant rescinded & withdrawn
S.B.'s Case — possession marijuana — no adjournment for Crown
S.B.'s Case — possess and traffic marijuana — withdrawn by Crown
I.V.'s Case — drug trafficking — plea to possession for absolute discharge