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Too many find themselves facing these life-changing charges based on allegations from accusers who are malicious, mistaken, or suffering regret. The good news is that, while the myth of the truthful complainant may have a growing audience (see this 2014 article), our Courts remain vigilant, as emphasized by Judge Horkins in this 2016 Ruling:

[T]he twists and turns of the complainants' evidence in this trial illustrate the need to be vigilant in avoiding the equally dangerous false assumption that sexual assault complainants are always truthful. Each individual and each unique factual scenario must be assessed according to their own particular circumstances.

With the risk of jail and the sex offender registry, it's important that you hire a lawyer with a solid track record of success. For 23 years, I've been fighting and winning these cases.

Explore below Judges' rulings and other Court transcripts. Sexual assaults are rarely straightforward, and often involve issues about alcohol (M.M.), consent (G.P.), and the complainant's sexual history (M.C.). At a trial without a jury, the Judge will have the final say (K.K.). For my latest win, read N.K.'s Case.

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Craig Penney, Toronto Sexual Assault Lawyer

X.P.'s Case — sexual interference (touching his student) — conditional discharge
N.K.'s Case — sexual assault (alleged touching on bus) — dismissed
B.W.'s Case — sexual assault — no reasonable prospect of conviction
R.V.'s Case — sexual assault — conditional discharge for indecent act
M.M.'s Case — sexual assault (after drinks at Jack Astor's) — acquitted by Judge
P.S.'s Case — sexual assault (childhood sweethearts) — withdrawn by Crown
D.B.'s Case — sexual assault — section 810 peace bond
M.C.'s Case — sexual assault (co-worker and neighbour) — withdrawn by Crown
S.C.'s Case — sexual assault (domestic) — conditional discharge for assault
G.P.'s Case — sexual assault (her apartment) — acquitted by Judge
M.G.'s Case — sexual assault/exploitation — conditional discharge
D.K.'s Case — sexual assault — withdrawn by Crown
B.C.'s Case — sexual assault — no reasonable prospect of conviction
K.K.'s Case — sexual assault & threat — found not guilty at trial
B.P.'s Case — sexual assault — conditional discharge for assault
A.M.'s Case — sexual assault (brother in law) — acquitted by Judge
A.D.'s Case — sexual assault — jury trial over the issue of consent