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As I explain in my video on the trial process, I first try to convince the Crown not to proceed, either because there's no reasonable prospect of conviction (I.I.) or because it's not in the public interest to proceed (S.R.). If I can't do that, my goal is to have my client found "not guilty" at trial (C.J.). Depending on my instructions and the nature of the case, I sometimes can avoid a conviction with an absolute (J.L.) or conditional discharge (C.F.).

"Domestics" are treated differently. Every domestic involves three closely related challenges: the charge and the potential consequences, the relationship and familial crisis, and the ongoing hardship of the bail conditions. Whether your relationship is ending, starting, or you've been together for years, it's distressing to be in domestic Court. You might be wondering "why are they doing this to me and my family?" Perhaps your case is similar to B.L. or M.B., where counselling was vital? Or maybe you're like D.R., ready to testify at trial in your defence?

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Craig Penney, Toronto Defence Lawyer

J.L.'s Case — weapons dangerous & mischief — absolute discharge
C.F.'s Case — assault (girlfriend) — conditional discharge for mischief
U.R.'s Case — assault & threat — withdrawn and warrant rescinded
M.W.'s Case — assault & death threat (road rage) — withdrawn
S.R.'s Case — assault (road rage) — withdrawn after counselling
S.P.'s Case — assault — withdrawn after direct accountability
I.I.'s Case — threats & public mischief — withdrawn
S.M.'s Case — assaults & threat (at University) — mental health diversion
B.L.'s Case — assault & threat (ex-girlfriend) — withdrawn after videos deleted
P.S.'s Case — firearms offences & harassment — conditional discharge
D.R.'s Case — assault (domestic) — acquitted by trial Judge
C.J.'s Case — assault bodily harm (domestic) — dismissed by Judge
C.E.'s Case — assault (domestic) — withdrawn & arrest warrant cancelled
R.K.'s Case — weapons & assault bodily harm — 810 Recognizance peace bond
M.B.'s Case — assault (domestic) — guilty plea struck and withdrawn
C.M.'s Case — assault — trial Judge had reasonable doubt
G.T.'s Case — possess restricted weapon — released $60,000 bail