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Facing an allegation of sexual abuse by a child is devastating. Your arrest and release no doubt has you drained, and you already feel that dreaded stigma. You may be wondering "how can I get a fair trial?" — the police obviously believe the complainant, and the allegations were read in bail Court as if true. As discussed in this Department of Justice paper, however, allegations by children may be deliberately or recklessly false, may be unfounded due to honest mistake, or simply cannot be proven.

With the stakes so high — mandatory jail, the sex offender registry, and section-161 bans up to life (internet use, contact with children, public parks, etc.) — you need an experienced Toronto criminal lawyer. I've been fighting these cases since 1994.

Whether you're facing allegations from your granddaughter (A.W.), your daughter (F.H.), the daughter of an ex-girlfriend (M.O.), or from forty years ago (P.R.), I can help. To witness a complainant admit he had possibly targeted an innocent man, read D.L.'s Case. If you're being investigated, click here.

Explore below Court transcripts and Judges' rulings over the past 23 years. Then call about my free, confidential consultation: 416 410 2266.

Craig Penney, Toronto Sexual Interference Lawyer

M.H.'s Case — sexual interference (niece) — conditional discharge
P.R.'s Case — indecent assault (historical 1970s) — dismissed by Judge
M.O.'s Case — sexual interference (ex-girlfriend's daughter) — acquitted
A.W.'s Case — sexual interference (granddaughter) — conditional discharge
D.L.'s Case — sexual assault & interference (ten years ago) — acquitted
B.B.'s Case— sexual assault (youth) — acquitted seven-day trial
A.Z.'s Case — sexual assault (cousin) — dismissed unreliable evidence
F.H.'s Case — sexual interference (daughter) — acquitted mid-trial
G.B.'s Case — sexual interference (stepdad) — inappropriate touching
D.P.'s Case — sexual assault (daughter) — withdrawn after lies admitted
D.P.'s Case — sexual interference (granddaughter) — peace bond
P.C.'s Case — sexual interference (stepchild) — conditional discharge
E.Q.'s Case — sexual interference (niece) — dismissed by Judge
A.T.'s Case — sexual interference (child abuse) — no jail
P.M.'s Case — sexual interference — conditional discharge
C.C.'s Case — sexual assault (historical) — jail avoided
N.K.'s Case — sexual interference — innocent touch at place of worship
S.C.'s Case — sexual assault (breast touching) — acquitted
N.K.'s Case — sexual interference — innocent touching at sleepover