Toronto Criminal Lawyer Voyeurism & Indecent Act

Voyeurism & Indecent Acts — Toronto Sex Crime Lawyer

Voyeurism and indecent acts are considered serious boundary violations, and are treated as such by the police, Crowns, and the Courts. While not usually as serious as cases involving touching, convictions can have serious consequences as a result of the sentence imposed.

I've had success with these cases since 1995. In more recent years, and partly to avoid the risk and embarrassment of going to trial, I have encouraged my clients to seek counselling to gain insight into the "why" of what occurred (where appropriate). By so doing, I have often been able to convince the Crown that it's not in the public interest to proceed, one test the Crown applies when deciding whether to prosecute (watch my video on the criminal trial process).

In the past 20 years, I've achieved my clients' goals by convincing the Crown to withdraw (S.M.), by going to trial (G.M.), with peace bonds (M.L.), by applying for mental health diversion (E.F.), or with absolute (V.K.) or conditional discharges (R.V.). To learn more, explore below my Court transcripts and Judges' rulings. Then call about my free, confidential consultation: 416 410 2266.

Craig Penney, Toronto Sex Crimes Lawyer

D.H.'s Case — voyeurism (public washroom) — all charges stayed
S.B.'s Case — voyeurism (camera under vanity) — conditional discharge
G.B.'s Case — voyeurism (camera in shower) — absolute discharge for mischief
M.X.'s Case — indecent act and nudity — withdrawn after counselling
J.K.'s Case — voyeurism (public washroom) — withdrawn
A.F.'s Case — indecent act (public washroom) — withdrawn
E.F.'s Case — indecent act (car) — withdrawn after counselling
C.F.'s Case — voyeurism (girlfriend) — conditional discharge for mischief
P.Y.'s Case — indecent act (city bus) — withdrawn on entering 810 Recognizance
V.K.'s Case — voyeurism (female in public place) — absolute discharge
R.V.'s Case — sexual assault — conditional discharge for indecent act
M.M.'s Case — voyeurism & mischief — withdrawn after counselling
S.M.'s Case — indecent act — significant issues re identification
P.C.'s Case — indecent act — peace bond after therapy
M.L.'s Case — voyeurism — charge withdrawn after counselling
A.B.'s Case — voyeurism & mischief — direct accountability program & peace bond
K.B.'s Case — indecent act (washroom) — withdrawn after peace bond signed
S.B.'s Case — indecent act — charge declared a nullity
G.M.'s Case — indecent act — acquitted by Judge at trial