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Criminal harassment allegations can arise in almost any situation with unresolved conflict or unwanted attention. Every case involves an issue about whether a boundary has been crossed.

If you've been charged, the police believe that you caused the complainant a fear by repeatedly communicating or following, by a threatening act, or by watching his/her home or work. The police also believe the fear is reasonable. A police officer's belief, however, is not evidence. At trial, it will be irrelevant.

I understand the frustration you feel. Though you are now caught up in the process of allegations, evidence, and Court hearings, your case is unique, and deserves special attention. Together, we'll identify your goal, and devote ourselves to achieving it. Favourable results for my clients have included peace bonds (K.M.), getting the charges withdrawn (D.G.), counselling (D.B.), mediation (G.A.), being acquitted (P.C.), and receiving conditional discharges (P.S.).

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Craig Penney, Toronto Criminal Harassment Lawyer

K.M.'s Case — unwanted romantic attention — five-year peace bond
P.C.'s Case — unwanted sexual advance — peace bond after counselling
P.S.'s Case — firearm used to threaten — conditional discharge
D.G.'s Case — CAS complaint was legit, not harassment — withdrawn
D.B.'s Case — unwanted advances — withdrawn (peace bond)
A.G.'s Case — emailing intimate pictures — conditional discharge
G.A.'s Case — conflict between neighbours — withdrawn (mediated settlement)
P.C.'s Case — damaging ex-girlfriend's car — conditional discharge for mischief
S.M.'s Case — tires intentionally damaged — conditional discharge for mischief
P.C.'s Case — followed ex-girlfriend to the police station — dismissed