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Arrested/Charged? — What's the Next Step?

You need to understand where you're at, where you're headed, and where you might land. If you have release conditions, we need to review those to ensure you're in compliance. (To learn about changing your bail conditions, watch my bail variation video.)

You need to educate me about the allegations, the history behind them, and your interaction with the police. I must rely on you as king of the facts. You must rely on me as king of the law. I need to educate you about the charge(s), the process, and the potential consequences. I'll give you my preliminary assessment, and together we'll identify your objectives.

Explore below over 100 of my Court transcripts and Judges' rulings. Gain a feel for the process and the choices that lie ahead. There's even a cross-examination in N.L.'s case. In my Testimonials, hear from my other clients — learn that you too can meet and overcome this challenge.

While I can never guarantee the outcome of any case, I make two promises: I will always be honest and upfront, and I will do everything in my power to obtain the best result. I've been fighting and winning cases since 1994. Call now to get that experience behind you: 416 410 2266.

Craig Penney, Toronto Defence Lawyer