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The issue is not whether you're guilty. The issue is whether they can prove it!

As I explain in this video, the police only need a reasonable belief to charge you, nothing more. In I.I.'s Case, for example, the police believed he had made threats, yet there was no evidence.

Keep that in mind as you read the Court transcripts and Rulings below. Then call about my free, confidential consultation: 416 410 2266.

Craig Penney, Toronto Defence Lawyer

J.L.'s Case — extortion & obstruct police — absolute discharge
C.F.'s Case — mischief and public mischief — conditional discharge
J.L.'s Case — arson & mischief endangering life (parent's home) — suspended sentence
W.C.'s Case — prostitution and fail to appear — stayed by Crown
Q.T.'s Case — communicate prostitute & fail to appear Court — withdrawn
P.C.'s Case — breach recognizance — conditional discharge
S.W.'s Case — forcible entry (ex girlfriend) — quashed by the Superior Court
C.M.'s Case — fail to appear Court — dismissed by the Judge
K.M.'s Case — perjury (affidavit) — withdrawn by Crown
S.Q.'s Case — immigration offence (enter Canada illegally) — acquitted
A.K.'s Case — keep common bawdy house — absolute discharge