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There are generally two types of criminal arrest warrants. The first type is called a first-instance warrant, issued because the police charged you but couldn't find you. The second type is called a bench warrant, issued because you failed to attend Court. With bench warrants, you'll likely be charged with fail-to-appear also. With either, you could be arrested at any time.

Warrants can be Canada-wide. They might have a radius. The radius indicates the distance the issuing police service intends to travel. For example, if you reside in Alberta but have an Ontario warrant with a 100 km radius, the police are not likely to transport you back to Ontario (though you could be detained and questioned in Alberta every time the warrant comes to light).

Ignoring your arrest warrant is usually not your best criminal defence option. Review below Court transcripts and Judges' Rulings from my cases involving arrest warrants. They are presented not to solve your problem, but to educate you on how I as a Toronto criminal defence lawyer can best help you. Call now to arrange a confidential consultation: 416 410 2266.

Craig Penney, Toronto Defence Lawyer for Arrest Warrants

U.R.'s Case — assault & threaten death — withdrawn and arrest warrant cancelled
S.V.'s Case — fraud under $5000 — withdrawn and warrant rescinded
W.C.'s Case — prostitution & fail to appear — charges stayed after release on bail
C.R.'s Case — conspiracy traffic narcotic — withdrawn and arrest warrant cancelled
Q.T.'s Case — communicate for prostitution — withdrawn and warrant cancelled
R.S.'s Case— fraud over $5000 — arrest warrant rescinded and withdrawn
C.E.'s Case — assault — withdrawn and arrest warrant rescinded