Toronto Criminal Arrest Warrant Lawyer

Fraud Arrest Warrant — Toronto Criminal Lawyer

Client:  R.S., Accused
Complainant:  Eaton's Department Store
Charges:  fraud over $1000, fraud under $1000, and fail-to-appear Court

The Queen v. R.S.
Ontario Court of Justice, Toronto
Justice Bigelow
(withdrawn: 26 June 2006)

Crown:  M. Bellmore, Office of the Crown Attorney, Toronto
Defence:  Craig Penney, Fraud Defence, Toronto Criminal Lawyer

¶ 1  MR PENNEY:  Penney, initial C, designated counsel, and the designation I'm now filing. It's an old matter, Your Honour. It's been brought forward to today.

¶ 2  CROWN:  Your Honour, my understanding with respect to this matter is that upon a $1,000.00 donation by the accused, which — and upon the Crown receiving evidence of that donation, that the bench — we would ask the bench warrant be rescinded and that the charges, fraud under, fraud over and conspiracy, be withdrawn.

¶ 3  THE COURT:  Has the bench warrant been executed as of yet or...

¶ 4  MR PENNEY:  No. No, it's outstanding, Your Honour. It's outstanding and the charges are — although it says conspiracy on the brief, the information has fraud over and fraud under charges.

¶ 5  THE COURT:  These are the charges from 1990, aren't they?

¶ 6  CROWN:  That's correct.

¶ 7  MR PENNEY:  Yes.

¶ 8  THE COURT:  Has that occurred or....

¶ 9  CROWN:  Yes.

¶ 10  MR PENNEY:  Yes, I've provided my friend with that.

¶ 11  THE COURT:  Oh, okay. All right.

¶ 12  MR PENNEY:   I understand she's asking that the bench warrant be rescinded today...

¶ 13  THE COURT:  All right.

¶ 14  CROWN:  That's right, Your Honour. We have confirmation that the donation has been made.

¶ 15  THE COURT:  Okay, warrant's rescinded, all charges are noted withdrawn by the Crown.