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Fraud Case — Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyer

Client:  N.J., Accused
Complainants:  one Canadian bank; two U.S. banks
Charges:  fraud over $5000 (2x) and possession proceeds crime

The Queen v. N.J.
Ontario Court of Justice, Toronto
Justice Waisberg
(withdrawn: 6 November 2016)

Crown:  M. Sabat, Office of the Crown Attorney, Toronto
Defence:  Craig Penney, Fraud Lawyer, Toronto Criminal Defence

¶ 1  CROWN:  In relation to N.J.'s case, I have a note here indicating that the Crown requests that these charges be withdrawn. There's no reasonable prospect of conviction. There's also a trial date and judicial pre-trial set in this matter so we would ask that both the trial date with the interpreter which was ordered and the judicial pre-trial — all of those things be vacated, please.

¶ 2  THE COURT:  All right. So I'm, I'm going to, at the request of the Assistant Crown Attorney, Mr. Sabat, note that all charges against this accused, and it's at line 393 to and including 395, those charge, criminal charges are withdrawn. The trial date's vacated. The JPT date is vacated and the interpreter is excused. We don't need the interpreter. Thank you, Mr. Penney.

¶ 3  MR PENNEY:  Thank you so much, Your Worship.

¶ 4  THE COURT:  Thank you, Mr. Sabat.